A Great Place To Find A Great Job

Lisa and Erica, you are a credit to your profession. I will surely pass along Step Up Recruiting as a great place to help my friends find their next great job.

James, Designer

Knowledgeable and Professional

In my experience in working with Lisa in the last couple years to network for new positions, I have found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. She is excellent with follow-up and is truly sincere in her approach to find appropriate work to match my skill-set. I would highly recommend Lisa to any individual looking for new professional positions, or a firm that is looking to match up candidates and openings!

Design Lead

Great Service

Lisa has provided great service as an Account Manager. She has provided excellent candidates, and her recruiting team is a portrayal of her guidance and professionalism. Whatever positions we are looking for, she was able to accommodate and provide the service and candidates for review. Lisa will go above and beyond to service our recruiting and staffing needs.

Human Resource Manager- Automotive Supplier

Help through recent Job Search

Thank you so much for your help and effort in helping me through my recent job search! On behalf of my Mother and myself, we’d like to show are heartfelt appreciation with these flowers!

Chris, Recent Graduate

Adding Value

I really appreciated working with Lisa on my recent job search. She is one of the recruiters that truly adds value both to the candidate and the employer. Her tireless effort, willingness to invest necessary time, and desire to achieve a win-win outcome makes her a standout in her industry. I’ll look forward to working with Lisa again when I’m seeking candidates!

Engineering Vice President- Automotive Supplier

Interview Prep was Instrumental in Landing Position

I wanted to thank you for all the help you offered me during this period of transition. I believe your interview prep was instrumental in me landing this position. Additionally, you gave some great general advice and were very supportive, overall. You are a credit to your profession, and I will certainly remember Step Up Recruiting if I am (or someone I know is) in need of a career change in the future.

Patrick - Automotive Engineer

Generating the Best Candidates

We needed additional engineering talent to meet industry growth during the auto industry recovery and expansion. We initially tried to conduct searches on our own, but we found that engineers were in very high demand and recruiting was relatively difficult as the OEMs and large Tier 1 suppliers snapped-up the best and brightest. When we realized how tight the market was for good engineers, we turned to select recruiters, including Lisa VanWyk, to assist with our search for candidates.

Lisa organized a recruiting campaign and generated the best (and most) candidates for our open positions from among all of the recruiters we worked with. She presented pre-screened, well-qualified candidates, and coordinated interview schedules and follow-up question and answer sessions. She also provided degree confirmations and references. When we selected candidates to hire, Lisa assisted with the extension of employment offers, helped with salary and benefit negotiations, and handled contingencies such as background checks.

Lisa was highly professional, and conducted multiple searches with successful placement results. I highly recommend Lisa VanWyk for developing a recruiting campaign that will meet an employer’s specific staffing needs.

Peter Racine Former President Tier 2 Automotive Supplier

Knowledgeable Guide

I’ve had a great experience working with Lisa. Finding and getting a job is a difficult process, but having a knowledgable individual, like Lisa, guide you through that process is incredibly relieving. Not only did she help me with things like updating my resume, Linkedin, and website, she also helped me narrow down the type of career I want.

Hannah - Graphic Project Manager

The Perfect Match

Step Up Recruiting was instrumental in recommending the ideal candidate for my Sales and Marketing position. She has been with us for many years and has been the perfect addition to our team.
They carefully matched my needs with the candidate’s skills and personality.
I would highly recommend Step Up Recruiting when looking for employees to fill key positions in your company.

Owner, Senior Health Care company

Grateful For Your Expertise

Thank you. Thank you for taking and making so much time with and for me. Thank you for your candor and transparency. Thank you being so open, and available for my questions. I’m so grateful for your expertise as well as your generosity in sharing it. Your spending so much time with me absolutely meant the world to me.

Military Veteran

The Most Polite and Joyful Recruiter

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I have my fingers and toes crossed. 🤞

As I was just telling my wife last night. You are the most polite and joyful recruiter I have spoken to in this job search.

Optimistically I hope to consider you an advocate for this position. However it works out, I will still look back on this as a positive experience.

Thank You and Best Regards!

Quality Manager, Candi

Resume Assistance

I want to extend my great appreciation and thank you for your assistance with my resume. Because of your assistance, I have had several offers and I will be starting with a new job. None of that could have happened without the great advice you gave to me and the time you spent helping me with my resume. What you recommended made an incredible difference. Thank you!


Ideal Matches

Lisa has come through for us where others have failed. Her close attention to our specialized staffing requirements has provided ideal matches for multiple creative / technical positions. I’m impressed! It is VERY refreshing to have first recommendations be a perfect fit in our industry. Looking forward to working with her often in the future.

Design Manager, Automotive Supplier

An Excellent Advocate

What a blessing you are. You are also a delightful presence and such an excellent mentor and advocate!

Susan, Designer