Our Goals When Recruiting Candidates

Step Up to exceptional recruiting, where candidates matter.

Meeting candidates’ needs

We know you are not just a list of education, skills, and experience. Although when recruiting candidates those features are important to employers, and rightfully so, it’s important to meet your needs, too. You are not a widget with a price tag. You are a valuable employee, deserving competitive compensation, who is looking for the right place to land, where your experience and abilities will be appreciated and you can fulfill your career goals. We want that, too.

Step Up Recruiting pays close attention to our client’s requirements, corporate culture, and future needs. Then matches each opportunity with the most exceptional, qualified, and eager candidates for a perfect-fit solution. Initial perfect fit and lasting satisfaction for both clients and new hires is our goal for each and every placement.

Long term relationships

Step Up Recruiting values our long-term relationships with both our clients and our candidates, as those relationships are the foundation of our business. Clients deserve candidates who have the exact skills they currently require with an aptitude for the skills they’ll need in the future. Clients also deserve a candidate who fits well into their corporate culture and enhances their current team. Candidates deserve the dream job they’re searching for. Recruiting candidates for a perfect-fit position allows them to use the skills, education, and experience they’ve worked hard to acquire and gives them an opportunity to add to their expertise and fulfill their career goals.

Post placement support

Signed contracts and handshakes all around are not enough when recruiting candidates. Post-placement support is a crucial part of Step Up Recruiting’s service. We enhance and support perfect-fit placements with expert account management, including client and candidate follow-up support. Open communication and our mission to go the extra mile, assure our client’s and candidate’s continuing satisfaction with each placement. We don’t just plug in a qualified candidate and run to the next deal we offer support and experience in creating working relationships that truly work for everyone. Initial satisfaction is good, lasting satisfaction is our professional goal.

Consider putting our experience and commitment to work for you, because every candidate deserves respect and support from their recruiter.