Our Guarantee

Step Up to exceptional recruiting, technical recruiting, and executive searches. Step Up to an exceptional guarantee with three simple parts: Integrity, transparency, and generosity.

It’s the Golden Rule, and we do business by it: We conduct our searches and placements with ethics and respect, treating you the way we want to be treated. We are an equal opportunity recruiter, and concentrate on talents and skills to find that perfect-fit candidate for each placement. Initial perfect-fit and lasting satisfaction for both clients and associates is our goal for each and every placement. We work hard to earn your trust and long-term satisfaction with our services.

Listening is important, and we do it very carefully. We make the extra effort to understand exactly what our clients need, and do our homework on our candidates. Step Up Recruiting doesn’t play games with our clients’ businesses or our candidates’ careers. We are honest about qualifications and fit, and our transactions are completely transparent, so you can be confident in every placement.

At Step Up Recruiting, your success really is our success. Your best interests really are our best interests. We are generous with our experience and skills, working hard to make perfect-fit placements for you. We are generous with our time, offering post-placement account management and support services to both our clients and candidates to ensure a great initial fit, which continues into a long term perfect-fit placement over time. We are generous with our energy, working hard to expand our network of candidates, including working to place candidates just starting their careers, as we want to build the best, most qualified, most skilled candidate pool…and that means helping our candidates grow and develop in their careers.

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