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  • Top 4 Reasons for Employee Turnover

    Top 4 Reasons for Employee Turnover

    A 2008 Gallup Poll found that the top 4 reasons for employee turnover were career advancement opportunities, pay or benefits, and poor fit, with management issues coming in strong at 4. Since then, multiple studies have continued to find all these causes of employee turnover remaining in the top 7, consistently, for the next eight […]

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  • Onboarding or Orientation?

    Does your organization welcome new hires with onboarding or orientation? Step Up Recruiting strongly recommends onboarding, and can help you expand your support for new hires from orientation to a full onboarding experience. What’s the difference? Orientation is the traditional new hire support services, and is the same for every new employee from janitor to […]

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  • Recruit to Retain

    Recruit to Retain in 5 Steps

    Every good manager knows that retention is key. Replacing an experienced associate with a new hire can cost 25% of the position salary in upfront recruiting costs alone, and that doesn’t even include the costs associated with training, lowered production, the institutional knowledge drain, and the added slowdown in both internal and external business relationships […]

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  • untapped-talent-market-returning-to-work

    Women Back to Work after a Career Brake: Untapped Talent Market

    Have you bought in to the old-fashioned idea that a woman (or man) who takes time away from work to raise a family, care for a parent, or explore a passion is not a desirable job candidate? Think again. Many of those women who return to work after a hiatus are just as ambitious, committed, […]

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  • Skills Drought - Training can make it rain

    Skills Drought? Training Can Make It Rain

    A skills drought is when no matter how hard you advertise, look, and even up your salary range, you just cannot find enough qualified candidates to fill the open positions. We’re hearing about skills droughts in industries as diverse as heavy manufacturing, automation engineering, and IT. Some areas of the U.S. are even experiencing skills […]

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  • 6-tip-hiring-millennial-talent

    6 Ways to Attract and Keep Millennial Talent

    Millennials are a large, diverse generation (73 million born between 1980 and 1996), but they do have some common characteristics which may help employers attract and retain them. Here’s a list of 6 ways to attract, engage, and retain this younger generation in your work force. 6 Ways to Attract and Keep Millennial Talent Connect […]

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  • talent acquisition firm

    Finding the Best Talent Acquisition Firm for You

    Talent acquisition is more than simple recruiting, it’s searching for, attracting, and retaining employees who are not only the best fit right now, but those who will continue to grow with the organization and add value for years to come. Here’s what to look for when interviewing Talent Acquisition Firms to ensure finding the best […]

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